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The YSC helps NGO's, activists and politicians on what position to take regarding the war against Yemen, in line with international law.
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Council policies, standpoints and commitments

We partner with governments and the public and private sectors
and foster greater public awareness of the war against Yemen.

Political system and government

The Yemen Solidarity Council is in favour of the bicameral Republican system based on free & fair elections, one man one vote & good governance.

Furthermore, in line with the Yemeni Constitution, the Yemen Solidarity Council supports the Government of National Salvation based in Sana’a as the legitimate transitional authority until a new round of talks are initiated between the warring parties in the country.

"Houthis" - freedom fighters or Iranian-backed militias?

The Yemen Solidarity Council considers the Ansarallah – known as the “Houthis” in the western press – as a legitimate national liberation movement. They play an important part in the Yemeni struggle for freedom, and is formally represented in the Yemeni House of Representatives.

We do not consider the Ansarallah an “extended arm of Iran”, as the media would like to portray them. Iranian support for the Ansarallah is limited to political and media support only.

The Hadi "Government" - legitimate or illegal?

Exiled president Mansour Hadi formally resigned from his position as president in early 2015. His mandate by the time of his resignation had already expired, and his title was no longer legally binding.

The Hadi “Government” is an illegal political entity that enjoys political and military support by the Saudi-American Coalition, contrary to international & Yemeni legislation.

Yemeni Affairs

What political system for Yemen does the council favour? Who are the Houthis? What is the relevance of the Hadi government? These questions are answered here.

Is the Saudi-led Coalition waging a legal war?

Absolutely not. Neither according to International Law, nor according to Yemeni legislation. The Saudi-led Coalition and the war it is waging is completely illegal on all accounts.

Why are the Saudis waging a war in Yemen anyways?

Saudi Arabia wants to maintain its influence in neighbouring countries, especially in Yemen. For many decades since the modern foundation of the Saudi regime, they have exploited Yemen’s sovereignty by tapping its oil, using Yemeni workers as slave labour in its own countries etc. The Saudi regime has been directing Yemen’s domestic affairs from behind the courtain for years, and that exact power is weakened. The Saudi regime is willing to kill and slaughter to maintain its dominance.

What should be done for the Saudis to stop their war?

We believe a unilateral withdrawal should be in place, before any talks can take place. The western world, in particular, must put pressure on the Saudi regime in the forms of weapon embargoes and political opposition.

We call for the following:

1. A complete lift of the blockade enforced upon Yemen.
2. A reopening of Sana’a Airport & the allowance of commercial air traffic.
3. A unilateral withdrawal by the Saudi Coalition from all sovereign Yemeni territories.
4. Political recognition of the authorities in Sana’a.

The Saudi Coalition

Why are the Saudis fighting a war against Yemen? What are their motives? What do they wish to achieve? We try to cover those questions here.

What is the role of the United States in the war against Yemen?

The United States is aiding and supporting the Saudi-led Coalition with bombs, missile guidance systems, fighter jets and other types of logistics, including political and media support.

The US are partly responsible for furthering the false claim of a “proxy war” or a “civil war”. Their role in the war is also so big, the Yemeni people consider them complicit with every bomb dropped on Yemeni households and infrastructure.

Which companies sell weapons to the Saudi regime?

Amongst many, most notable companies are: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, Honeywell, McDermott International and Jacobs Engineering Group.

What position should the western countries take regarding Yemen?

Firstly, they should stop supporting the Saudi regime and its massacres against the Yemeni people.

Secondly, they should realize that the so-called “government” of Mansour Hadi is an illegal entity and doesn’t actually hold any administrative control in Yemen. It is governed from the hotels in Riyadh.

Thirdly, they should normalize ties with the authorities located in the capital city of Sana’a, and lift the diplomatic isolation as soon as possible.

Western meddling in Yemen

What is the role of the western countries in the war against Yemen? Who provides weapons to the Saudi regime? Here are some of the answers.

We are partnering with the Yemeni Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a key partner of the Yemen Solidarity Council, having cooperated on a number of public awareness campaigns and initiatives in the past. We are grateful for their support.

Latest news and press releases

Take a look at our recent publications on Yemeni affairs, statements, press releases and more.

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