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The ISCY is an internationalist, socialist organization building global solidarity with Yemen.

Who we are

We are a group of like-minded individuals working together to bring Yemen to the global scene. We are led by a burning passion to tell the story of the Yemeni people and to amplify their collective voice in the face of not just war and terror, but false narratives designed to blur the line between fact and fiction.

What we do

We produce multimedia content, assert ourselves as an authoritative body in the forms of statements and press releases, connect organizations with Yemen’s state organs, mass organizations and NGOs, and keep tabs on human rights violations committed by the Saudi-American alliance.

Upholding a revolution.

The Revolution of September 21st 2014 sought the definitive end of a corrupt, autocratic regime that functioned as a backdoor for Saudi Arabia and the United States. In a post-war environment, the ICSY will work to assist and amplify Yemen’s state-building and reconstruction based on the principles of freedom, independence, self-determination and agricultural self-sufficiency.

We congratulate the Yemeni people on today’s historical occasion; the eighth anniversary of the People’s Revolution of September 21st. The revolution which broke the chains of Saudi & American interference in Yemen forever.

“We will remember Queen Elizabeth for what she was, right until her passing: a figurehead of a colonial and violent regime with millions of lives on her conscience.”

Read our statement a week after Queen Elizabeth’s passing:

Yemen’s defensive struggle against imperialism marks its true beginning on September 4th, 2015.

One missile strike turned the eyes of the world towards the suffering of the Yemeni people.

“Foreign companies that plunder Yemen’s wealth should realize that they will not continue looting for a single moment after the end of the armistice.”

– Mohammad Abdul Salam (@abdusalamsalah),
Ansarallah Spokesperson, head of National Delegation

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