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Communiqué: Release Palestinian prisoners from Saudi captivity!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 11th, 2021

The Yemen Solidarity Council joins hands with the Yemeni Government & Revolutionary leadership to demand the release of Palestinian political prisoners held in Saudi captivity. We know too well that the Saudi regime is doing the bidding of the colonialist Zionist regime in occupied Palestine by holding Palestinian citizens hostage. A proposal set forth by the revolutionary leadership, to release Saudi officers in exchange for the release of the Palestinian hostages, should be considered the only practical step for the Saudi regime.

The Yemen Solidarity Council reiterates its commitment to support & uphold Yemeni national sovereignty, as well as its support for the legitimate Palestinian struggle for national self-determination and liberation. We consider both the Yemeni & Palestinian struggles to be two hands that each upholds the torch of a unified and progressive struggle.

Issued by the Executive Committee of the
Yemen Solidarity Council