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Letter from the National Team For Foreign Outreach confirming Yemeni leadership knowledge about the YSC

“Gentlemen / members of the Yemen Solidarity Council

The National Team for Foreign Outreach received with gratitude your valuable message, in which you expressed your continued eagerness to cooperate, in order to enhance your thankful efforts through the Yemen Solidarity Council, which has always been victorious for the benefit of the oppressed dear Yemeni people.

We are pleased to inform you of your attention that the political leadership is constantly aware of this, and we convey to you the gratitude and appreciation of His Excellency, the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mr. Mahdi Al-Mashat, for your efforts through the Yemen Solidarity Council against the human rights violations committed by the countries of the aggression against our land and our people. We assure you of our eagerness and constant readiness to strengthen cooperation until victory is achieved against all acts and crimes that violate human values and international laws.

Please accept our sincere greetings.
President of the National Team for Foreign Outreach