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Statement of condemnation reg. Trump admin’s FTO designation of indigenous Yemeni movement Ansarallah

January 13th, 2021

The Yemen Solidarity Council condemns on the strongest terms the decision made by the Trump administration to designate the Ansarallah movement a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” on January 10th. The Ansarallah poses no threat to the United States, while on the contrary, leaders of the movement have continuously called for the normalization of relations with the US on the condition that Yemeni sovereignty & decision-making be respected and upheld.

“Ansarallah” is a term used to describe all Yemeni people & political parties opposed to Saudi-American aggression against its people and homeland. There are no card-carrying members. It is a grassroots movement and an idea that emphasizes on Yemen’s sovereignty being defended against foreign interference in its domestic affairs. Year after year, millions of Yemeni people flock to the streets to reaffirm their commitment to the struggle against Saudi-American foreign aggression and military occupation. The masses of Yemen confirms the support that the “Ansarallah” liberation movement enjoys.

The Yemen Solidarity Council stands in solidarity with all Yemeni people defending their homeland against all conceivable odds. Sanctions, blockades, manufactured nation-wide famine and constant bombardment have so far not been able to hinder the Yemeni people’s resolve. This latest FTO designation was anticipated by the Yemeni people, and is only another tool in the toolbox used by the reactionary aggressors to curb the Yemeni people and force them into subjugation.

We call upon all people of the world to uphold international law guaranteeing the rights of indigenous people to self-defense against foreign military aggression – especially UN Charter Article 51. These laws apply to the Yemeni people as well.

Office of the General Director
Of the Yemen Solidarity Council