STATEMENT: Electing Joe Biden means electing a renowned war criminal.

May 4th, 2020 –

The Yemen Solidarity Council strongly denounces Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy as inappropriate and misleading. While Joe Biden likes to portray himself & his campaign as the progressive alternative to sitting President Trump, the facts at hand are clearly contrasting with this facade of an image.

Joe Biden was vice-president under former Pres. Obama’s Administration, when the US pledged its allegiance & support to the illegal Saudi bombing campaign that has ravaged the Republic of Yemen for more than 5 years since March 26th 2015.

This, alone, makes Joe Biden complicit in the many warcrimes committed by the Royal Saudi Airforce. Not only were its planes refueled and armed by US servicemen, the fingerprints of the US are smeared all over and clearly visible on every single warcrime committed, a few of them being the 2016 Grand Funeral Hall Massacre, in which 155 people were killed in cold blood. Another wacrime would be the 2018 Dahyan School Bus Massacre that took the lives of atleast 51 innocent Yemeni school bus, and injured up to 70 more.

All these gravely illegal massacres should put into question the motives of Joe Biden and his campaign.