STATEMENT: Western inaction to recognize Sana’a Gov impedes Yemeni COVID-19 response

May 9th, 2020 –

As Yemen faces the Coronavirus epidemic heads on with a growing amount of new cases, the negative repercussions of the Saudi-American enforced blockade on Yemen becomes apparent. Yemen is in dire need of medical equipment to tackle the outcomes of this virus, as cases continue to grow.

However, the war against the Yemeni people and the global media demonization against the Yemeni people’s wish for self-determination has sverely impeded and damaged Yemen’s position on the diplomatic field, let alone its covid-19 response. The western world must look at the facts, take these into consideration and then act accordingly hereafter. The Hadi-regime has neglected its people for too long, and the Saudi-led Coalition is continuing to bomb vital civillian infrastructure, even as a global pandemic is creeping in upon the Yemeni nation.

We call for the immediate recognition of the Government of National Salvation as the sole, legitimate government of the Republic of Yemen, as well as calling for the unconditional lifting of the blockade imposed illegally on Yemen, so that foreign investors & countries may be able to export critically-needed equipment for the Yemeni health sector.

As always, the Yemen Solidarity Council backs and supports all necessary decisions taken by the Salvation Government as it tackles the pandemic.