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The Telecommunications And Postal Sector Discusses Preparations For The Martyr’s Anniversary

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology held a meeting chaired by its minister, the engineer Mesfer Abdullah Al-Numair, on the preparations of the telecommunications and postal sector to commemorate the martyr’s anniversary.

In the meeting, which included Deputy Minister of Communications Dr. Hashem Muhammad Al-Shami and leaders of the telecommunications and postal sector, Al-Numair stressed the importance of interaction to commemorate the anniversary of the martyr in a way that rises to the level of the sacrifices made by the martyrs in order to defend the homeland, its security and stability.

He pointed to the importance of devoting various activities to highlight the greatness of martyrdom.

Al-Numair explained that the preparatory meeting in the telecommunications and postal sector for the memory of the martyr comes after the meeting of the Supreme Committee for Celebrations to work according to its main outputs.

He mentioned the need to speed up the preparation of the memorialisation program in all sectors, entities and companies affiliated with telecommunications and postal services.

He noted that the anniversary of the martyr has a great status in the hearts of the Yemenis who made the great sacrifices, and there is hardly a Yemeni house or family left without a martyr.

The Minister of Communications considered the commemoration of this anniversary as the least gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of pride, independence and sovereignty of Yemen.