Visual identity

The emblem of the Yemen Solidarity Council is based on the state emblem of the Yemen Arab Republic that was adopted a year after the Republican forces proved victorious against Royalist militias in 1967. We consider this emblem to be of

importance to the overall contemporary history of modern-day Yemen. It was the first official emblem of the country prior to the breakup of the country into two states.

The YSC emblem consists of the eagle of Saladdin with its head pointing to the right, with the eternal flame of revolution just between its two folded wings. Two Yemeni flags unfold from each side, with a triangular crest in the middle symbolizing the globe representing the international aspect, an open book representing knowledge, a grain of wheat representing development and the scales of justice representing international law. A lot of thought went into the motives present in the crest, ultimately symbolizing everything that the Council stands for.

the eagle rests on a golden scroll spelling the name of the organisation, with a laurel wreath surrounding the eagle and the overall symbols.