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The Organization of Solidarity with the Yemeni Struggle, OSYS for short, is an internationalist, global socialist collective working to amplify the general understanding of the Yemeni struggle against aggression and to organize the global left in its favour, defence and support.

Originally founded as the International Solidarity Committee with Yemen in 2018, and later on rebranded as the Yemen Solidarity Council, the new name reflects our previously-absent anti-imperialist and socialist orientation, as well as a reflection of our new style of organizing.

We focus on media and text to report on events in Yemen as they happen and to show the world what the Yemeni people, unfortunately, have been put through the past 7 years.

Why Yemen?

Yemen right now is undergoing a critical transformation as part of its contemporary history. In 2014, the Yemeni people – spearheaded by the Ansarallah movement – limited the powers of the then-government of Mansour Hadi in response to crippling austerity measures imposed by his government, and manufactured from the outside. Revolutionary Committees were established to keep oversight of government affairs and to ensure that the people’s demands were heard and abided by. In March of 2015, a regional imperialist coalition spearheaded by the Saudi regime and aided by the United States and a plethora of western powers declared war in Yemen, in a shallow effort to overturn the revolutionary progress and maintain Yemen under Saudi guardianship as it had previously been for the past 30+ years.

We believe Yemen is important because the people are important, and because the war imposed on Yemen to this day remains critically underreported. Yemen is important because it is suffering at the hands of foreign powers that are using bombs, drones and illegal foot soldiers to overturn the decisions made by the Yemeni people.

Why Socialist?

OSYS is a socialist collective because we are anti-imperialists and believe the working class of Yemen have an inherent right to armed struggle in the face of imperialist aggression. We are socialists because we all come from socialist circles across the globe, all disappointed that the global leftist movement hasn’t done enough to voice support for Yemen’s inherent right to resist.