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Statement: On Yemen’s Inherent Right to Self-Defence

January 17th, 2022

Earlier this morning, the citizens of the United Arab Emirates woke up to an Abu Dhabi engulfed in thick black smoke and roaring flames. The city, including Dubai, had been struck by Yemen’s Armed Forces.

Immediately after it was evident what had taken place, the entire cabal of western corporate news media began running one story after the other, portraying Yemen, its forces and its people as a pack of unscrupulous aggressors who had targeted what was seemingly portrayed as a peaceful city.

But the United Arab Emirates is far from being peaceful.

The Emirati regime is engaged in a vicious and coordinated, conventional war of aggression against Yemen and her people, together with the regime’s primary partner in crime – Saudi Arabia. Backed on an unconditional basis by the United States and the United Kingdom, these two countries have been given carte blanché to wreak havoc and terror across Yemen’s vast landscapes, denying Yemeni civilians their inherent right to a life in peace. The Emirati regime has been funding and training extremist mercenary formations within Yemen known to subscribe to ideologies on par with ISIS and Al-Qaeda extremists. The only difference is that these mercenary formations have been given mine-resistant MRAP vehicles and pretty camouflage uniforms and desert boots.

Yemen’s strike against Abu Dhabi and Dubai, despite ever-growing and constant bashing from within the Imperial Core, was carried out in full accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, article 1 of the ICCPR, article 2 of UNGA resolution 45/130, and according to the Yemeni people’s inherent and incorruptible right to self-defence by any means necessary. Whoever claims otherwise, in any capacity, is acting in bad faith in the interest of Empire and its petty state dominions in the region.

The Organisation of Solidarity with the Yemeni Struggle commends the Yemeni people, its political & revolutionary leadership, and its popular armed forces for defending its people in the most appropriate manner possible.